About Us

Hexaboard has blended the young dynamic staff with its experience in the sector and brings a new breath to the traditional plastics production with different perspectives and solutions. Thanks to its dynamism, which is one of its basic principles, it has a wide production range from the advertising sector to the automotive industry.

It is progressing quickly both in the country and abroad, in the way of being a supplier of many companies which are considered to be sober in the sector. Ambitious about patented products Honeycomb and S-line panels.


The one of most missions is bringing about peace between plastic and nature. HexaBoard manufactures reusable products by recyclable materials. Besides, while it reduces the cost, raises the products strength. This is one of its targets and presents many kind lightweight alternatives packaging systems to you. They are more preferable than other heavy containers and boxes.


In the same breath HexaBoard will be stronger with aged experiences, it has got both young manager and young staff. It manufactures modern and designed products by extrusion and lamination systems which are brought from leader companies in all Europe and because of these products it goes forward to summit surely. These specific designed products are both visional and useful for every area. As well as they are used in heavy industrial, they can be used for personal needs.