Colors : Blue, White, Black, Gray

Non-flammability : Corriboard can be extruded with flame retardant additives to meet customer’s flame retardant requirements. e.g. The typical requirement for temporary protection sheets - LPS 12O7 - Fire Requirements For Protective Covering Materials. N.I.P. Certificate No. 341a. Other FR standards applicable.

PRINTING- Corona 38-50 DYN : Where Corriboard is to be printed on or to be glued, it is necessary to etch both surfaces during the extrusion process. Sheet is tested on line to a minimum dyne level of 52 dynes.

ESD Additive sheet : These sheets can be produced on only black colour. Its surface resistance must be OHM.

Resistance to weater conditions : Corriboard requiring extended outdoor life must be UV stabilised. Assuming normal weather conditions for in Turkey, stabilised Corriboard will last from 5 to 7 years.

Production : Corriboard can be die cut, hot-air welded, ultra-sonically welded, glued and stapled.

Filled Grade : Talc filled grades are available to enhance the performance of the sheet i.e. greater rigidity, surface smoothness and thermal stability.

ThicknessMin GsmMax Gsm
2 mm300 Gr / m2600 Gr / m2
2,5 mm400 Gr / m2750 Gr / m2
3 mm450 Gr / m21000 Gr / m2
3,5 mm550 Gr / m21250 Gr / m2
4 mm650 Gr / m21500 Gr / m2
5 mm900 Gr / m21750 Gr / m2
6 mm1200 Gr / m22000 Gr / m2
8 mm1500 Gr / m22500 Gr / m2
10 mm2000 Gr / m23000 Gr / m2
Min .Width x Length600 mm x 600 mm
Max. Width x Length2100 mm x 6000 mm